40s Hibiscus Print Fabric - Nearly 3 Yards - Red Chartreuse Scarlet 40s Tropical Flowers Yardage - White Acetate Slinky Summer Dress Fabric

$ 99.99

Tropical 1940s hibiscus print fabric in a single piece of yardage, ideal for a summer dress. This bright white fabric has bold flowers in cherry red, scarlet red, chartreuse green, jade green, and pale gray. Make your own 1940s design in your custom size.

It measures 2.8 yards x 41.5 inches. This fabric is thin and opaque, fluid and slinky, *not* stretchy though it looks a lot like a jersey knit.

Condition is very fine, with a line of brown specks meandering along one area, and a 1/2-inch vague gray scuff, with fray to ends (and a few scant pulls here) showing it's been washed.

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