40s Lady Head Brooch - Charming 1940s Elfin Lady's Head Vintage Pin - Pink Ceramic Kitsch Hand Painted Vintage Fashion with Hat - 32139

$ 43.49

This dramatic imp has an arched brow with a pert little nose and Hollywood lips. She's wearing a saucy polka-dotted hat, and her tapered ears and leafy collar lend an elfin appearance. Late 1940s and adorable, much like the highly collectible vintage head vases of the era.

2 1/8 x 1 Inches


''(C) HOLLAND/ MOLD''; the work is expert quality

Ceramic with glazed & fired hand painting in stylized pin-up hues - baby pink, fleshtone and creamy yellow with black accents and maroon 'lipstick'

Pin-back with safety


Condition Detail
Six noticeable scuffs/chips to the edges and points of this lady, including her hat''s brim, ear and point of hat & leaves; the back has four similar but more shallow scuffs

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