50s Asian Travel Theme Cotton Scarf - Japanese Tourist Sites - Buddhist Statue - 1950s 60s Red Souvenir Fabric Panel - Eastern Textile Art

$ 59.99

1950s Asian novelty print scarf is a travel theme of "photos" printed amidst a vibrant cherry red cotton background. Each "photo" shows a different tourist site, like metropolitan skyscrapers, a Buddhist statue, suspension bridge, and traditional buildings. Has machine-sewn hems to two sides, and selvedges to the opposing sides. A generous size for a scarf or head turban.

33.5 x 34.5 Inches


None, has Asian characters to the border prints, probably made in Japan for the tourist trade

Cherry red and ecru cotton poplin with details in navy blue, mustard browns, avocado green, muted blues, etc

None needed


Condition Detail
Near-excellent, has three small frayed holes (the largest about 1/2-inch) and occasional tea-colored or rust-colored dots and specks in several small areas, all subtle when worn

Washing Instructions
Cold hand wash, shape and dry flat, if needed press on medium-high setting

Additional photos are often available.
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