50s Authentic Barkcloth - 1.9 Yards x 47.5 Inches - 1940s 1950s Decorator Fabric for Upholstery Drapes - Novelty Woodland Park Scene Print

$ 62.50

A beautiful scenic vintage barkcloth! This 1950s cotton yardage depicts stone walls, meadow flowers and stately trees in a park-like setting reminiscent of vintage movie backdrops. Ideal for pillows or upholstery, or frame it as large-scale art.

Measures a total of 1.9 yards long x 47.5 inches wide. Condition is very nice, excellent coloration with no fade, with frayed edges to top and bottom. Subtle folds and remnants of stitches show that this was once seamed. Has a single 2 x 1/2-inch hole about 6 inches from one selvedge. Selvedge script says "VAT PRINTS".

Colors are neutral beige, golden tans, pine greens, muted grays, salmon pink, pastel pink, yellows.

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