50s Hunting Print Fabric - 5.88 Yards x 38.75 Inches Wide - Foxhunt - Horses - Hunters - Dogs - Framed Pictures Novelty Print Cotton -42577

$ 75.98

Nearly six yards of 1950s novelty print cotton showing wonderful framed prints of British style fox hunters on horseback. This is a fine cotton broadcloth, feels like a combed cotton with a soft, subtle glaze. Would make a charming dress! Also a beautiful textile for a den or office as curtains, pillows, or light-duty upholstery fabric.

It measures a total of 212 5/8 inches long x 38 3/4 inches wide. 212 5/8 inches equals 5.88 yards. Condition is very clean with one mild brown scuff near one cut end.

Colors are sage green, black, white, gray, with details inside the frames in muted brown, wedgwood blue and red. Marked 'PRENTISS-LANE, INC. "HUNTING" ' on selvedge.

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