Antique Automobile Blanket - 1900s 1910s Wool Motor Robe - Authentic Edwardian Textile - Tan Jade Green & Red - Rectangular 36 x 41 Inches

$ 99.99

Handsome antique motor car blanket in a generous size, 36 x 41 inches. This 1900s wool motor robe is ideal to display on the back of a sofa, or a terrific accessory for your Model T Ford.

This authentic Edwardian textile has a plaid woven wool pattern in rustic colors of light brown, jade green, and brick red. It has an occasional black fleck to the weave, and the fringe is hand-twisted self wool.

Condition is exceptionally nice, especially for antique wool. No holes, odors, or marks of any sort.

More photos available :) Just ask!

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