Antique Daisy Textile - Art Nouveau 1900s Edwardian Bride's Basket in Hand Embroidery - Garland Ribbon Bows - Neutral Ecru White Blue Green

$ 95.00

Beautiful Edwardian bride's basket textile in hand embroidered details, so charming as a framed wall hanging or a special antique cushion cover. This 1900s era fabric is ecru cotton sateen with padded satin-stitch daisies, a ribbon style garland, and elegant curve to the top handled basket.

Colors are ecru, offwhite, terracotta, brown, taupe, and celadon blue-green. It measures 18.75 x 20.25 inches with raw edges to three sides. Made from a kit and titled ' 6825 BASKET OF DAISIES ' half-visible along the bottom edge. Condition is excellent with several scant beige scuffs in random places, and a hint of a beige "halo" around many of the daisies.

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