Antique Silk Baby Quilt - Hand-Sewn & Hand-Embroidered 1800s Victorian Nursery Coverlet - Pale Blue with Pink Dogwood Flowers Embroidery

$ 95.00

This Victorian infant's quilt was made for a wealthy home in pure silk with hand-stitched quilting and exquisite embroidery. This baby coverlet is a wispy-light silk blanket filled with fine wool batting. The silk is so fine and thin, it's translucent, while the soft pastel flowers are gorgeous antique floss in ombre effect, spiraled like Royal Society embroidery or buttonhole twist.

Condition is clean and very good, with a few shadow-like gray marks to the center of the top side, and three holes near the edge (each 1 inch or less) to the underside in a small cluster. Note that the silk is lustrous and reflective, so there are many grayish areas in the photos that are simply shadows or reflection, not flaws. Its age makes it display only. Quilt measures 23 1/2 x 32 1/2 inches.

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