Antique Umbrella - 1890s 1900s Victorian Edwardian Parasol - Neutral Linen Lace & Burled Wood - Beautiful and Authentic Gibson Girl Style

$ 259.99

Exceptional antique umbrella from the early 1900s, in fanciful rows of scalloped lace, with beautiful kite-shaped appliques and a gorgeous burled wood handle. It's a late Victorian or early Edwardian parasol, with a metal tip to the wooden shaft, and metal ball tips to the eight panels. Has a beautiful arched shape and nicely functioning mechanism, with a pair of tassels knotted around the handle. A beautiful collector's find.

Total Length 37.5 Inches, Length of Single Panel 22 Inches


None, factory made

Neutral ecru linen blend with a slight lustre, possibly a linen and silk blend, with matching fine cotton net lace trims and appliques, natural burled wood with a very smooth silken surface

Functioning metal mechanism


Condition Detail
Beautiful overall, has darker tan marks in a few random places, and in subtle streaks to the interior side of the fabric panels, similar tan toning to the tassels on the handle, the mechanism works well though once the umbrella is fully closed, there's a lower metal inset piece in the wood that appeared to once be a "catch" and no longer catches (does not affect appearance), the wood has several open areas that seem to have hard whitish putty in the crevices, normal darkening to the metal

Washing Instructions
If needed, spot clean at a reputable dry cleaner

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