Asian Lanterns Tablecloth - 40s 50s Eastern Garden Origami Lights Embroidery on Square Linen Bridge Table Cloth - Yellow White Blue Pockets

$ 59.99

Asian lanterns tablecloth in a clever design, each embroidered light functioning as a pocket for your playing cards. This terrific Eastern style table cloth is all hand-sewn with blue daisies, black running stitches, and quaint yellow tassels. A beautiful find from the late 1940s or 50s.

It measures 31.5 x 32.75 inches, nearly square. Condition is barely used, with two almost imperceptible tan scuffs and a just-as-vague beige cast next to one lantern (see fourth photo), all very hard to perceive.

It's naturally hued linen with woven red & black lines along the borders, and hand sewn embroidery in black, blues, and light yellow, with pale yellow cotton lantern pockets.

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