Authentic Victorian Fabric - Nearly 12 Yards - Homespun Pink Striped Cotton Yardage - Reenactors Historical Costuming - Antique Costume

$ 295.00

One continuous length of authentic Victorian homespun fabric... it is almost impossible to find uncut cotton yardage like this, authentically antique and wonderfully colored. It's a salmon pink hue with a small scale grid pattern weave, like a plaid with ikat style narrow stripes in white and black.

This is a single piece of yardage with original selvedges running the length of the fabric. It measures 426 inches x 29.5 inches. The length is 11.8 yards! Amazing find.

Condition is very good, has been washed, fray at either end of the yardage, has a narrow mild yellowed crease at 25" in from one cut end, and 26" in from the opposite cut end, has five faded marks (each about 2-4" wide x 4-6" high) along the selvedge in random places that could likely be cut away if used for making a Victorian ensemble

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