Beautiful Interior Designer Fabric - The Persian Splendors - 1.4 Yards x 28" - French 1980s Decorator Sample for Upholstery Drapes Cushions

$ 34.99

Interior decorator fabric in beautiful quality cotton, full of exotic flowers reminiscent of a Persian rug. The French title " Les Fastes Persans" translates to " the splendors of Persia ". It was made in 1986, cut and serged to the edges as a decorator sample.

Measures a total of 1.4 yards long x 28 inches wide. Second photo shows the entire expanse. Condition is like new. The rest of the selvedge has the date in Roman numerals and " collection Reveillon edite par Prelle ".

Colors are muted blue-gray, pinks, wedgwood blue, offwhite, sage green, gray, lavender purple, navy, etc.

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