Bermuda Souvenir Scarf - 1950s 60s Tourist Novelty Print - Map of Tropical Islands - Sheer Pink Blue White Silk - Landmarks - Large Square

$ 29.99

Bermuda souvenir scarf is wispy sheer silk in a novelty print of quaint island landmarks. It showcases the tropical Islands in a kitsch preppy style. Made in the late 50s to early 60s with machine-sewn hems.

32 x 33 Inches


None, factory made

Sheer white silk in a gossamer light weight, in a novelty print of turquoise blue, rose pink, canary yellow, spring green, black

None needed


Condition Detail
Just lightly worn, freshly washed, has two 1/8-inch holes in random places and an area of "worry lines" where the weave is pulled out of square near the airplane

Washing Instructions
Dry clean; or test for colorfastness, warm hand wash, shape and dry flat, press on low-medium setting if needed

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