Book Romantic Victorian Weddings Then & Now by Satenig St Marie - 1992 Hardback - Antique Bridal Fashions - Old Traditions Nostalgic Ideas

$ 7.99

Romantic Victorian Weddings: Then & Now, a hardback book published in 1992 with dust jacket. This charming book is full of historical bridal information, including chapters on -

Courtship & The Proposal
The Engagement
Bride's Trousseau
Flowers for the Bride
Dressing for the Wedding
The Marriage Ceremony
The Wedding Breakfast
Anniversaries of Weddings
Three Notable Weddings well as a second section on borrowing ideas from the Victorian era for today's weddings.

Measures 10 1/4 x 9 3/4 x 3/4 inches. 165 pages. Many photos and illustrations included, both black & white and color. ISBN 0-525-93307-7. Original retail was $35. Condition is excellent with minor tear (1") to back corner of dust jacket, and sticker with barcode on dust jacket.

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