Child Size 11 Super Hero Galoshes - Authentic 1960s Child's Rain Boots with Cartoon Astronaut - Waterproof Rubber Overshoe - 60s Deadstock

$ 47.99

Terrific child's galoshes with two different graphics - the left shoe shows a space age astronaut, and the right shoe has a Super Hero graphic. These overshoes have a pleated button tab at the top, faux seaming to the waterproof rubber and flexible textured treads. They were made to fit over a child's street shoes, never worn from 1960s deadstock! The original shoebox stub is included.

Child's Size
Marked 11

Ball of Foot Width 3 3/8, Toe to Heel 8 1/4 Inches, Total Height of Boots 7 3/8 Inches
(measurements taken at outsole of shoe)


' MADE IN U.S.A. / 11 . . . ' molded to soles and ' water / poofs ' to back of heels, with vintage info including ' TOTS / Pla Pal . . . " with 1960s price of $9.99 to shoebox stub

Navy blue rubber, flexible and soft, with a luminous translucence to cobalt when held to light; white plastic buttons; white elastic loops; graphics are white, red, sky blue, and black

Rubber loop connects the two buttons making a soft pleat the side of the overshoe


Condition Detail
Never worn, near mint, the photos look discolored due to the translucence of the rubber, they are not at all discolored in actuality

Washing Instructions
If needed, wipe rubber with a damp cloth

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