Cupid's Melody Pillowcase - 1920s Novelty Embroidery Pillow Case - 20s 30s Pink Fairy Baby with Blue Birds Fantasy Scene - White Cotton

$ 47.99

Wonderful 1920s pillow case in a petite size, with a charming novelty scene of a Cupid baby playing a trumpet style horn amid an audience of puffy-breasted blue birds. It's a very finely woven white cotton lawn with antique net lace border. All embroidery is hand sewn in a fantasy of sweet pastels... pink, mint green, lemon yellow, and baby blue.

It's marked 12.5 x 16.25 inches. Condition is excellent, feels lovely, has a single gray speck at front near the center. The fanciful embroidery looks like it has an indigo imprint behind the embroidery, suggesting it was part of a kit or embroidery pattern.

More photos often available :) Just ask!

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