Deco 1930s Black Suede Bag - 30s Purse with Metallic Gold Cord & Lining - Pouch Style Handbag - Suede Is Crocking Color - Strap As Is

$ 37.99

This charming 1930s handbag is black suede with a metallic gold leather lining that peeks out from the top few inches. It's in shabby condition (see Condition Detail below) but the design is a classic beauty, ideal for pattern copying. Has its original metallic spiral cord & brass button that closes the loop. Lined in black taffeta.

8 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 1 1/2 Inches, Strap has a 5-Inch Drop


None, factory made

Solid black suede, metallic gold leather lining, black taffeta lining, metallic gold spiral cord

Spiral cord with brass button


Condition Detail
Suede is crocking and its surface actively rubs off black dye, suede has some lightening to edges and a few mild lighter dapples to one side of bag, the strap has many small breaks in the suede indicating dry-rot, best for display or pattern copying

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