Embroidered 40s Handkerchief - Sheer Fine White Cotton with Bride's Basket Embroidery - Pretty 1940s 50s Hope Chest Linen - 12 Inches Square

$ 22.50

This lovely sheer white handkerchief has a quaint bride's basket embroidered to all four corners, in fine cotton with hand-sewn stitches outlining the feminine motif. Feels like a hope chest item, made in the 1940s or 50s.

12.5 x 12 Inches Square


None, exquisitely made by hand

Very thin, very sheer white cotton with cotton hand embroidery and gray tracing pencil outlines

None needed


Condition Detail
Very fresh, looks unused, the original bride's basket is outlined in gray tracing pencil, and hints of the same gray hue are seen here & there in 7-8 places in the fabric, these are mostly subtle and hard to notice as the fabric is sheer

Washing Instructions
Cold hand wash, shape and dry flat, press under a press cloth on medium-high setting

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