Embroidered Dining Tablecloth - Oval Shaped 59 x 128 Inches - Sheer Maize Yellow Nylon Organdy - 60s 70s Eyelet Style Embroidery - Scallops

$ 37.99

Sheer maize yellow tablecloth in a sweet eyelet style embroidered motif, this oval shaped table cloth has a country kitchen feel from the early 1970s.

This nylon organdy tablecloth measures 59 x 128 inches in a large oblong shape with machine-sewn embroidery and scalloped edges. Condition is excellent with mild raw fibers showing at scalloped hems and seams. These just need to be trimmed - they are not fray and not inside the seams as a hole/tear would be. Note that it is so large, it's not encompassed in one photo. The first photo shows half the cloth laid flat.

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