Emilio Pucci Scarf - Purple Pink Iris Novelty Print Cotton - Posh Italian Designer - Large Square Signature Scarf Made in Italy - 34 Inch

$ 95.00

Beautiful Pucci scarf with a posh resort feel, novelty printed in stylized iris flowers with long sword-like leaves and a matching border print. Fresh for spring & summer, made in the 1970s or early 80s.

33 x 34.25 Inches


'' 100% PURE COTTON / Emilio Pucci / FLORENCE - ITALY / MADE IN ITALY '' to corner with additional fabric care label

Pure white thin cotton poplin printed in rose pink, violet purple, turquoise blue, pale pink, melon orange, and black, with "Emilio" printed signatures amidst the iris florals; fine white cotton serging

None needed


Condition Detail
Very fine, near mint, has a faint 1/4-inch pale beige dot between two leaves, hard to find or notice at all

Washing Instructions
Cold hand wash, shape and dry until damp, press on medium-high setting

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