Framed Victorian Fashion Plate - Godey's Ladies Book Hand Colored Picture with Gilt Wood Frame Dated 1867 - Authentic 1860s Not Reproduction

$ 65.00

Authentic Victorian fashion plate from Godey's Ladies Book! This hand colored print was published in June 1867 showing post Civil War ladies' dresses with a young child playing with her wagon. This is a page from the book itself, creased at the center and colored in four hues - arsenic green, taupe, cinnamon brown, and pale blue.

This antique print was likely framed later, possibly as late as the 1930s or 40s in a gilt wood frame with paper backing and wire for hanging.

Condition is very good with crease as noted above, a few specks under the glass, normal patina to the woodwork, and tears to paper backing that does not show when displayed.

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