Handwoven Wool Rug - 1960s Area Carpet - 60s Wall Hanging - Expertly Hand Woven - 3 x 5 - Burnt Orange Black & Sage Green - Artisan Jonas P

$ 199.99

Masterfully woven Mod carpet in an intricate pattern of geometric stripes, this 1960s wool rug could be used as a floor covering or hung on the wall, perfect for modernist 60s decor.

It measures 34 x 63.5 inches (roughly 3 x 5 feet) with 2.5-inch cotton fringe to opposing ends. It's meticulously woven, taking dozens and dozens of hours for such a detailed design with a medium thickness that's very appealing to the touch in a substantial weight. Has a "signature" of the weaver, Jonas P., in hand-sewn embroidery to one corner.

Condition is very clean with some vague tea-colored discolor and mild tousling to the cotton fringe, otherwise very nice.

More photos are often available :) Just ask!

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