Lot of 3 1930s 40s Crochet & Knit Children and Baby Patterns - Cotton Babies Jumper - Boys and Girls Sweaters - Wool and Cotton Knitting

$ 26.50

Lot of 3 different knit & crochet pattern books from the 1930s & 40s, all knitwear and crochet for babies & children.

1. Cottons for Babies - Price 10 Cents - Book No 194
-Infant Crochet Jacket, Bib, Mitts and Booties
-Jointed Doll
-Coat Hangers
-Baby Bonnet
-Diaper Soakers
-Novelty Animal Bibs
-Sun Suits & Creepers
-Novelty Dogs Chair Cover
-Novelty Cat Doll
-Striped Kids' Shirt & Socks
-Crochet Ducks
Has a panel cut out of the crochet ducks photo. Mild general wear.

2. 40s Hand Knits by Beehive for Boys and Girls - Book No 117
-Class President Boy's Sweater
-Football Hero Boy's Sweater
-Heigh-Ho Girl's Cardigan
-Boy's Topper Cardigan
-Princess Pat Girl's Knit Dress
-Daddy's Girl Cardigan
-Alice in Wonderland Girl's Sweater
-Cream Puff Girl's Angora Hat and Mittens
-Peppermint Stick Striped Hat and Mittens
-Girl's Short Sleeve Cardigan
-Snuggles Angora Cardigan
-Heavenly Twin Set
Has obvious wear to edges and heavy creasing.

3. Woolies For Babies - Book No. 224 - Chadwick's Red Heart Wools Copyright 1945
-Diaper Soaker
-Knit Baby Shirt
-Cozy Bunting
-Baby Blanket
-Baby Sacque
-Mittens, Booties & Bonnet
-Teddy Bear
-Bed Jacket
Notable wear to edges.