Magnificent Linen Tablecloth & Eight Matching Napkins - 1930s 40s Formal Dinner Embroidered Linens - Roses in Baskets Flourish Cross Stitch

$ 175.00

Marvelous formal dinner tablecloth in fine, heavy linen with eight matching napkins. The cross-stitched tablecloth is a magnificent large rectangle, with cabbage roses in garlands and filling Victorian style baskets. The elaborate border details have geometric angled stripes, subtly Art Deco + Asian or a bit earlier (like the Far East styles of the 1910s), though the colors and finishing tell us this item is 1940s era.

The tablecloth and matching eight napkins both have dark blue hand-sewn blanket stitching along the neat hems.

This soft natural white linen tablecloth set is a grand rectangle measuring 85 x 72.5 inches, and the napkins each measure 16.25 inches square. The tablecloth is so large it's not shown in one photo - the second photo shows most of one half of it. This piece is truly a celebration of cross-stitch embroidery on a large scale. Condition is immaculate.

Colors are pink, red, oranges, yellow, spring green, forest green, wedgwood blue, navy blue, brown, and black.

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