Mid Century 1960s Bed Sheet - Full Size Flat Sheet - Double Bed Linens - Olive Green White Awning Sripe - Pure Smooth 60s Cotton Percale

$ 45.00

A single full size bed sheet in a classic striped pattern, this all-cotton flat sheet was made for a double bed with a flourish border print to the top and bottom. Note that the sheet is too large for our backdrop, and is shown with the largest expanse possible in the second photo. The fourth and fifth photos show its length with both top & bottom borders shown.

Measures 81 x 108 inches. Marked size is 81 x 108 inches for double mattress 54 x 76 inches.

Label says " Style House / ALL COTTON / FINE PERCALE . . . ".

Condition is very good, freshly washed and pressed, with some subtle hints of graying/beige to the cotton that is quite subtle, and dark speckles as seen in sixth photo.

More photos available :) Just ask!

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