Old World Artifacts Scarf - Pink Orange White Silk - 1960s Novelty Print by Vera Neumann - Baking Implements & Chocolate Molds - 26 Inches

$ 24.99

This novelty print scarf by Vera shows Old World cooking implements in vivid oranges and pinks, with the look of chocolate molds shown in relief, long-handled spoons, and patterned rolling pins. Made in the 1960s with hand-rolled hems.

26 x 25.5 Inches


" scarves by Vera / all silk handrolled / made in Japan . . . " at corner

Beautiful silk foulard novelty print with ancient cookery theme, colors are fuchsia pink, pale pink, bright orange, pale orange on white

None needed


Condition Detail
Lovely and barely worn, looks and feels fresh, has four black ink specks near the center on the white portion of the silk, slightly noticeable when displayed flat

Washing Instructions
Dry clean

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