Pair Large Framed Pictures - 1940s Japanese Kimono Ladies - Hand Painted Eastern Garden Scenes - Pink Green Silver 40s WWII Era Boudoir Art

$ 129.99

Two 1940s hand painted Asian garden scenes with beautiful Japanese ladies in kimonos on a silver background. One has a parasol and the other has a yoke with hanging plants. Both have pink buildings with pagoda roofs, flowering trees, and carved wood frames. They're signed "Sue-Lee" in the pond areas.

These are large pictures, measuring 21 1/2 x 17 3/4 inches each (including the size of the frames).

Condition is very nice with rubbing and mild scuffing to the wooden frame, especially where the hanging hardware from the back of one frame rubbed against the other while sitting in storage. About 2-3% of the paint is crackling (see the white areas of the ladies kimonos and the pagoda roofs) and a few tiny specks is adhered to the glass (hard to perceive this) with 4-5 darker speckles each to the green "land" of the paintings. Nails were driven into the underside of the frames to hold the art in place, and the pressure from the nails can be seen in silhouette on the top side; also the frame's backs are missing its paper.

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