Pink Long Stemmed Roses - 1950s 60s Plastic Faux Floral Arrangement Decor - Sugared Rosy Blooms with Green Leaves and Flexible Stems - 13"

$ 34.99

Four identical plastic roses in beautiful sugared plastic, made in the 1950s or 60s. These kitschy pretty flowers are rigid plastic blooms and leaves, with flexible wired stems. A unique accent for a vintage bedroom or living room... also a great accent for a hat or similar fashioning.

Each 13 Inches Tall x 2 Inches Diameter


None, factory made

Rigid plastic roses and triangular "leaves" at the base, in pink and olive green with a sugared texture; spearmint green to white ombre rigid leaves; chartreuse flexible wired plastic stems


Condition Detail
Very fine, the stems have mild bending from normal use, may be shipped coiled to conserve space in the shipping box

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