Rare Saltillo Blanket - Southwestern Serape - Mexico Handwoven 1930s 1940s Wool - Blue & Rainbow Kilim Stripe - Large Chimayo - 5x7 Ft

$ 450.00

A very rare serape from the 1930s or 40s, purchased by a world traveler who visited the US southwest and possibly Mexico during this time. This vivid striped wool blanket has an exquisite array of vegetable-dyed hues, bright and beautiful in ombre` rainbows. It's handwoven in a large size befitting a full or queen bed with hand-knotted cotton fringe to two ends. A gorgeous Chimayo style textile, very hard to find.

It measures 63 x 92.5 inches (equivalent to 5 1/4 x 7 3/4 feet). Condition is fair with noticeable gray streaks at one end several inches long (see last photo), a few subtle dots of darker dye to the wool, a notch-shaped hole at one edge and a 4-inch frayed gap along another edge, 2-3 small holes (1/2-inch or less), and gaps/tousling of the fringe. The colors are generally quite vivid, with fading to the blue stripes that create a rustic, weathered appeal.

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