Size 5 Trompe L'Oeil 60s Boots - Brown Waterproof Rubber - Sophisticated 1960s - Faux Buckles - Fleece Lined - Unworn - Deadstock - 43295-18

$ 59.99

These chic mid-1960s boots have a trio of three 'buckles' in trompe l'oeil molded rubber and deep ribbed details, with a smooth faux leather effect to the body of the boot. They are waterproof to the outside and very chic, in one solid piece of vinyl from the top to the heel. Cozy faux fleece lining. Never worn from 60s deadstock.

Ladies' Shoe Size
Marked 5 B

Ball of Foot Width 3 1/8, Toe to Heel 9 1/2 (measurements taken on *outside* of shoe), Height 17 1/4, Inner Calf Circumference 12 3/4 Inches


"Waterproof/ TO CLOSURE/ 5/ MADE IN CANADA" stamped on outsole

Chestnut brown rubber, black rubber rim stitched at top of boot, burnt caramel fleecy faux fur lining

Synthetic zipper to inner calf


Condition Detail
Never worn and very fine, the rubber has a naturally 'oiled' feel due to changes in temperature and humidity

Washing Instructions
Wipe with a damp cloth if needed

*for this particular item, measurements are taken along outsole
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