Size 8.5 Shoes - Black Leather 1960s Pumps with Storybook Lace-Up - Classic 50s 60s Fairytale Heels - NOS Deadstock - Size 8 1/2 AA Narrow

$ 59.99

Charming black leather pumps with such character, like something a storybook heroine would wear. These 1960s shoes have decorative laced grommets with a rounded toe and 1 3/4-inch heel. An elegant silhouette in classic detail, unworn from 60s deadstock.

Marked 8 1/2 AA / AAAA

Ball of Foot Width 2 7/8, Toe to Heel Length 10 1/4 Inches


" fashion craft " stamped in gold to insole

Black leather in a very smooth finish with subtle gloss, tan synthetic jersey and faux leather linings, black synthetic outsoles

None needed


Condition Detail
Never worn and very nice, the right toe has a 1 x 1-inch subtle wrinkled area to the surface of the leather, hard to notice when worn

Please Note: Shoe measurements are taken along the insole, and do not have any ease subtracted. To compare for fit, please measure a pair of shoes that fit you well (and are the same heel height). The numbers should match for best fit.
Shoe soles may need to be scored before use.

Additional photos are often available.
Please let us know if you have any questions!

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