Strawberries Round Linen - Antique Arts & Crafts Cotton Centerpiece - 1900s - 1910s - Botanical Strawberry Embroidery - Hand Painted - 43889

$ 53.49

A fantastic antique centerpiece in hand painted strawberries, artfully textured in careful paint and buttonhole twist embroidery. This parchment-colored cotton piece is a special Arts & Crafts movement linen with a scalloped blanket-stitch border. All hand-embroidered from the 1900s to 1910s.

This piece measures 19.5 inches diameter. Condition is good to excellent, with a vaguely richer tan hue that seems to underlie the painted areas and is likely a faint residue of the liquid from hand-painting. Has five scant pinkish scuffs from old candle wax in random places, hard to notice and definitely not a detraction.

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