Terrific 1940s Fish Net Head Scarf with Fluffy Yellow Trim - Casual 40s Fishnet Kerchief - Deadstock - Summer 40's Peasant Chic - 35906-2

$ 38.49

A charming 40s vintage kerchief, and so easy to wear! This cotton head scarf is light and summery with a fluffy line of woolly scallops along the edge. It's a classic triangle with self ties made in the 1930s or 40s.

42 Inches End to End, 17 Inches Front to Back


None, probably hand made, originally sold at a dress shop that was open in the 1930s through 1995

Natural white cotton, fluffy lemon yellow cotton yarn trim

Self tie under chin


Condition Detail
Never worn, one thread of the fishnet is ecru in color, this runs from end to end along the net and adds to its charm; has a very subtle 1 x 1 beige cast to fishnet at front edge, hard to perceive

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