Victorian Winter Shawl - Antique Wool Striped Wrap - Turkey Red Verdigris Green - Authentic 1800s Rectangle Fabric - As Is - 56 x 91 Inches

$ 179.99

Exceptional Victorian wool in a large rectangular wrap, in the most splendid colors of turkey red, verdigris green, mustard, gray, and chocolate brown, in a finely detailed weave of flourishes and stripes. It's lightweight but warm, similar to the iconic paisley shawls of the 1800s. The condition is fair, see Condition Detail below.

56 x 91 Inches


None, beautifully made

Fine wool in a textured lightweight weave, with vertical and horizontal stripes, subtly patterned in flourishes, some are almost paisley-like

None needed


Condition Detail
Acceptable for its age, about half the wool is excellent, the other half has occasional small holes and threadbare half-holes throughout, several noticeable larger holes (up to 3 x 4 inches each), one crudely repaired tear about 3 inches long, and breaks at raw edges

Washing Instructions
Dry clean by hand by a cleaner experienced with antique clothing

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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