Western Handkerchief - Red 1950s Novelty Print Bandanna - Rockabilly Cowgirl Cotton - 50s 60s Hearts Geometrics - Southwest Pin-Up Girl

$ 24.99

This Western bandanna is red 1950s cotton print with a classic rockabilly appeal! A Southwestern handkerchief made in the 50s to early 60s with machine-sewn hems, ideal for a head scarf with a cute pin up style.

23.25 x 20.5 Inches


" FAST COLOR / 100% COTTON RN 15234 " printed to corner

Red, black & white thin cotton with stylized Western bandanna prints of leaves, hearts, triangles, circles etc.

None needed


Condition Detail
Barely worn, essentially mint, one side was cut and hemmed slightly larger than expected, and it shows a white dotted line printed where the cut was intended, this is obscured by the stitching and hem, and is not a detraction

Washing Instructions
Cold hand wash, shape and dry flat, press on medium-high setting

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