Wild Roses Antique Pillowcase - Pink & Green Society Silk Embroidery Victorian Linen - Round Circle Flowers Pillow Cover - Art Nouveau 1900s

$ 59.99

1900s Art Nouveau pillowcase in pink wild roses embroidery, so beautiful from the turn of the century. It's a white linen pillow cover with Society silk embroidery in a handcrafted round shape, like a square with rounded-off corners. A beautiful botanical floral, hand-sewn and made in the late Victorian to early Edwardian era.

This piece measures 17.5 x 18.75 inches diameter. Condition is good, has a 3/4-inch pale beige liquid outline (pictured) and a couple tiny dark specks that look almost like part of the fabric weave, and a scant abraded threadbare spot on the underside. The underside's has one seam added to complete the circle-like shape. Has cotton muslin binding to the interior with snaps at the opening.

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