WWII Era 1930s 40s Button Brooch - Make Do & Mend World War II Rationing Handcrafted Jewelry - Authentic 1940s Pin - Pink Plastic and Brass

$ 59.99

Unusual and wonderful 1940s WWII era brooch, handmade during an era when fashionable materials were in short supply due to the war effort. This brooch was made of more than a dozen glossy pink buttons in knot motifs, hand-stitched to a clear plastic base with cotton cord. Below the plastic base, there are five lines of brass chain with button accents dangling along the chains.

2 1/2 x 4 Inches


None, made by an artisan or as a home craft, beads hand-sewn to perforated backing

Mauve pink & white swirled plastic buttons, brass beads, brass chain, clear plastic, metal pin-back

Metal pin-back


Condition Detail
Beautiful condition, all buttons and metal hardware is present, the brass has normal patina and no tarnishing or corrosion

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