XL Victorian Paisley Shawl - Antique Wool Kashmir Style India Wrap - Authentic 1800s Large Rectangle Fabric - 61 x 121 Inches - 50421

$ 229.99

An extravagant relic from days gone by! This very large, very detailed paisley shawl was imported from India to the Western world in the Victorian era. It has extremely ornate flourishes, leaves and flowers in an exquisite paisley wool with four rust orange & celadon blue panels to the center. It's a large rectangle - so large its largest view still cuts off the ends, as shown in the first photo. The final photo shows the shawl folded. Useful as a bed coverlet as well.

61 x 121 Inches


None, factory made

Fine wool brocade in brick red, sage green, celadon blue, terracotta beige

None needed


Condition Detail
Very good for its age, one of the celadon blue panels has three 1/4-inch holes, has a small threadbare area near the center, occasional thin spots to the wool that can be seen if the fabric is held to light, the fabric has its own selvedges to the two longer sides and raw edges to the other two sides (were originally bound with cotton binding but most is missing)

Washing Instructions
Dry clean by hand by a cleaner experienced with antique clothing

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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